So this is Christmas…


Outfit: Whimsical Onesie Goat (Rare!)-Pixicat- @ The Arcade

Banner: Christmas Banner (Maybe)AF @ The Arcade

Scene: Granny’s Winter Cottage8f8 @ The Arcade

Ok, so my photos don’t do Granny’s Cottage any justice.  This entire set (there’s loads more than what’s pictured) is just absolutely fantastic!  This likely comes as no surprise to those of you who follow the creations of 8f8.  Each and every item in each and every set is always made with such great care and love.  And it shows, once again, with this set!  Do whatever it takes to get it all, because you won’t be disappointed  🙂

8f8 Items Displayed:

Cottage (Rare!), Messy Present (Rare!), Christmas Tree, Horsey Toy, Table, Curtains, Bench, My Knit Chair


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