A truant finds home…


So yea, the much anticipated Shiny Shabby event opens February 20th, so I figured a little sneak peek was in order.  There are TONS of awesome items that are going to be available, so you aren’t gonna wanna miss it.  And the setup is, of course, absolutely beautiful.  But when it’s the work of Neva Crystall-Blessed, does that really come as any surprise to anyone?

Anyway, that’s quite enough rambling from me.  The event is gonna be epic.  Nuff said  🙂


Jacket: Natura::K:: @ Shiny Shabby

Hair: Boy 57Dura @ TMD

Pants: Denim Dark White::LikeA::

Tattoo: StrigoiBolson


Building: Lavender BrownScarlet Creative

Chest: Honey Pie Gacha – {Reverie} @ Shiny Shabby

Windows & Planks: Honey Pie Gacha – {Reverie} @ Shiny Shabby

Tin: Biscuit Tin Box[ kunst ] @ Shiny Shabby

Light: Hanging Bulb[ kunst ] @ Shiny Shabby

Picture Frames: Shabby Frames[ kunst ] @ Shiny Shabby

Blankets: Fireplace BlanketsDutchie @ Shiny Shabby


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