Writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear…


Building: Hudson TownhouseScarlet Creative

Seat: Boho Chair[PM] @ Shiny Shabby

Table: Boho Octogon Coffee Table[PM] @ Shiny Shabby

Hanging Lights: Boho Lights[PM] @ Shiny Shabby

Light: Antique Glass Light*A* @ Shiny Shabby

Stand: Hanna Cabinet[ kunst ] @ Shiny Shabby

Big Rug: Boho Carpet #6[ kunst ] @ Shiny Shabby

Chair: Phoebe’s Patchwork Chair:CP: @ Shiny Shabby

Rug Pile: Phoebe’s Rug Pile:CP: @ Shiny Shabby

Books: Book Decor Dollarbie:CP: @ Shiny Shabby

Chest: Vintage ChestApt B @ Shiny Shabby

Horse: Mannequin Alice{anc}


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